Dames Collective is the ultimate networking group for this generation's female leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Our mission is to create an engaging atmosphere for like-minded Dames to connect, collaborate and inspire one another through our membership-based monthly meetings and events.


Our vision is that all women, when taking the leap into entrepreneurship,
will feel confident and welcomed by a community that encourages and supports them.




Dames Collective promotes collaboration over competition. We believe that through sharing our resources, experiences, and connections, both our individual businesses and our community as a whole, will thrive.


Dames Collective exists to instill confidence in female entrepreneurs through meetings and events that provide opportunities for skill-building, knowledge sharing, personal development, and exposure to other women on a similar path. We understand the self-doubt and fear that comes with running your own business, and we strive to combat these challenges through learning and networking.






Chanel Sonego started Dames Collective with the intention create a space for entrepreneurs where they could find community, gain resources and be educated on ways to grow their business. There was so much fluff and bullshit out there that she found a group like this was a necessity not just a need! She set out to create a networking community that would support female founders and cultivate a place where they could harness their power and meet like-minded women to rely on for support, advice and friendship.