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We are a membership based networking community for this generation's female leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. We don’t just like to talk about business, we GET SHIT DONE! Every month, we hold a morning meeting and an evening event. Our Morning MindFUEL is our twist on the classic networking meeting.  Every month we pack the room with incredible female entrepreneurs and focus on a topic that is vital to growing a small business while seeking answers from the industries top female leaders. Dames After Hours is not your ordinary evening mixer, it's your opportunity to shake things up. We were sick and tired of the status quo mixers with "Hello, My Name Is..." tacky stickers and decided to make it a fun night out with an opportunity to grow your network and collaborate! 



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Morning mindfuel

Every month we host a meeting for our members called a Morning MindFUEL. We pick a different woman owned business each month to host the event at, so that we can continue supporting fellow women and introduce our members and guests to the company and space.

Our Morning MindFUEL meetings are typically from 8:00 am to 10:30 am on a Friday. We pick one topic to focus on, bring in a panel of 2-3 women business owners who are experts in their fields and can confidently speak about the topic and offer our members insight, tools and inspiration. After the panel interview, we move into a Q&A session between our members and speakers, and then spend the rest of the morning networking, enjoying snacks, coffee and mimosas! 

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We were sick and tired of the status quo mixers - "Hello, My Name Is..." tacky stickers purchased from Staples, awkwardly walking around a room until you find someone worthy of a shoe compliment in hopes of starting up a conversation. Nope, that wasn't our vibe. Ever since we came up with the idea for Dames Collective, we have worked so hard to cultivate the perfect environment for fellow women entrepreneurs to thrive. Since our Morning MindFUEL events are geared toward learning, our Dames After Hours events are where our members and attendees let loose. They are typically from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on a Tuesday or Thursday evening. Join us at a different woman owned shop/boutique each month, engage in a unique networking activity, drink champagne, mingle and shop the store with an exclusive Dames discount. 

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Our monthly Morning MindFUELs and Dames After Hours events are free for Dames Collective members only. Non-members may pay to attend our events before becoming a member by purchasing a non-member ticket