Chanel is a born + bred Southern Californian that "settled" on San Diego as her forever home with her pug pup, Jack. She has a passion for branding and females getting shit done! You'll either find her at a local coffee shop, sweating her ass off at a spin class or tasting wine. Most people don't know that Chanel is a Sommelier and is currently studying for her level 2 Certified exam. Her favorite past times include Instagram scrolling, trying not to drink soda + buying more things from Target than she went in for.

"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always." 

- Robin Williams





Brittney is small but mighty! She keeps it real and doesn't lose sight of the prize. Also the founder of Virago Fitness, she knows what it means to turn her 'Struggle Into Strength'. Brittney enjoys a good smoothie, time with her family + two pups, and a good laugh. Most people don't know that Brittney left High School at age 16 to start working and doesn't give a fuck that she didn't get to go to prom. Her favorite past times are soaking in her hot tub, listening to 80's goth, and talking about business with her girlfriends. 

"I'm a bagel on a plate full of onion rolls!"

- Funny Girl


Brittney Hogan, Co-Founder & COO, and Chanel Sonego, Co-Founder & CEO, met in October 2015 by happenchance at a wedding in Newport Beach, California. From the beginning, the ladies realized they had much more in common than they would have ever thought. Both were born and raised in Southern California, both had moved around often during their childhood and both were currently living about 10 minutes away from one another in San Diego.

At the time, Brittney had recently launched Virago Fitness, a nonprofit athletic apparel company, after her late husband, Hunter Hogan, was killed in combat deployed with the United States Marine Corps in 2012. Brittney found fitness as a way to cope with the uncontrollable changes in her life and started Virago in hopes of inspiring others to use fitness for post-traumatic growth.

Chanel had been in San Diego for a little less than a year when the two met. She moved from Orange County where she left her job after realizing she had become a victim of a gender wage parity. On a mission to find her new calling with 10+ years experience of digital marketing under her belt, she couldn’t have met Brittney at a better time. The two began meeting bi-weekly to discuss marketing strategies for Virago. Brittney bought Chanel mimosas in exchange for her marketing expertise.

After about two months, the girls realized how much value they got out of meeting over champagne and diving deep into discussions about business and entrepreneurism. Coupled with the recent modern feminist movement, it was then that Chanel realized she wanted to extend the opportunity to inspire, connect and collaborate with other female business owners and creatives all over San Diego. Thus, Dames Collective was born. Brittney and Chanel wanted to create something completely different than any other networking group or event. They wanted their members to get real answers to the questions they sought, meet and form bonds with other women entrepreneurs and experts in their community, and really receive all of the necessary tools and support to succeed as a woman in business in today’s competitive world.

Chanel’s extensive background in marketing, advertising, and PR outreach paired with Brittney’s background in graphic design and accounting makes the ladies a perfect team. Dames Collective is ran out of a satellite office in San Diego and their plans to bring their one of a kind Morning MindFUEL meetings and evening events to cities all over the United States is on the horizon. The time to turn PLANS into ACTION is now!