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Dames After Hours - Ask Anything

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DuFord Law
3611 Fifth Ave
San Diego, CA 92103


Ask Anything

The tables have turned! We’re taking a step back and opening the panel up to all of your questions. We know you’re used to us asking the hard hitting questions but now it’s your turn to get down to the knitty gritty! We have a line-up of women that dominate in their industry from finance to fashion, law to marketing. Bring your business specific questions to the table and get the real answers you’ve been seeking!



Attorney | Kelly DuFord | DuFord Law

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Kelly is the first in her family to attend college, go on to law school, and start her own business. After graduating from the Honors Program -- Cum Laude from University of San Diego, she chose to attend CWSL. After graduating in 2011, Kelly started her legal career as a Deputy District Attorney and then moved on to business law as the only female associate at her law firm.

A year ago, after practicing for just over 5 years Kelly and her husband (who she met at CWSL Summer Enrichment) Started their own law firm — DuFord Law. In just over 6 months the firm has rapidly expanded. Their core values guide their business and employment law firm: transparent, personal and efficient. Their goal is make law more accessible and less intimating to the average business consumer. 

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Business Coach | Megan Ladd

Megan Ladd is a Life and Career Coach who helps female entrepreneurs play bigger, earn more money, and lead lives filled with joy, freedom, and fulfillment. Megan moved from the east coast to sunny Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California. Once she graduated, she began her career working in the entertainment industry, but felt like something was missing. After meeting a Life Coach at a women’s networking event, she began exploring the personal development industry, and attended her first weekend women’s retreat. From there, she was hooked! Megan participated in multiple workshops and enrolled in a year-long certification program at The University of Santa Monica, where she honed her coaching skills and experienced her own life transformation. Simultaneously, she left entertainment to work for one of her favorite self-help authors and speakers, Danielle LaPorte. Once the program ended, Megan hired her own coach and went all-in on building her 1-on-1 coaching practice! These days, Megan specializes in helping other small business owners bet on themselves and experience financial freedom. She believes that life is too short to spend stuck in fear and overwhelm, especially when you can be doing work that you love and experiencing your best life now. In addition to coaching women 1-on-1, Megan hosts in-person workshops and group coaching programs throughout San Diego. When she’s not building her business, Megan loves spending time at the beach, catching up with friends, traveling, trying out new restaurants, and hanging out with her fiancé, Will.

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Accountant | Ali Terrill | Freebird Accounting

Ali Terrill, EA - Ali has dedicated her career to helping individuals and businesses operate efficiently. Her passion is streamlining work flows while identifying opportunities to increase your bottom line. Whether you need help with your books, taxes, reviewing operating costs or implementing systems, Ali's got you covered. She will crunch the numbers so you can focus on what you love. Her expertise in business management, bookkeeping and tax regulations make her a valued resource and trusted advisor among her clients.

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Shop Owner | Maria Disla | Pure Indoor Cycling

Maria has felt the rhythm since her life began in Brooklyn, NY. Her passion for music, remixes, and badass beats propelled her to fall headfirst in love with spin. Her vibrant mixes and style bring fun energy to each one of her rides. Not to mention, she is the Founder and CEO of Pure Indoor Cycling. Maria believes that fitness is not just about outward appearance, its's about how it makes you feel. She wants every ride experience to be rewarding. To Maria, if you can forget your working out while your'e working out then that's a win win!

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Photographer | Johanna Kitzman | Studio Freyja

Johanna is the owner of Studio Freyja, a portrait photography studio in San Diego, as well as the co-owner of Blessed Wedding Photography. She's never been one to color inside the lines, instead she's a strong believer in going outside of your comfort zone to pursue your true passion. Growing up in Sweden, she decided that after High School she was going to move to the US to attend college. 10.5 years later she just celebrated becoming a US Citizen. Listening to your heart and following your dream is her biggest motto. After having spent almost 5 years in the corporate IT world, she realized that the corporate world wasn't her cup of tea. So she did what she's always done, she followed her heart, and with the support from her husband she went out on her own and went fulltime as a photographer. While life as an entrepreneur isn't always as glamorous as Social Media would like us to believe, Johanna is a strong believer in doing what makes you happy. She loves inspiring other people and women to go after what they believe in. The world is our oyster and there is literally nothing we can't do if we put our minds to it.

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Influencers | Kim + Ruby | Lemon Life Social

Kim & Ruby are the founders of Lemon Life Social, a successful social media agency based in San Diego specializing in social media marketing, event planning, building brands and content creation.

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