Dames Collective Business + Wellness Challenge


are you ready to own 2019?



Feb 3 | 10am-12pm

the art of manifestation

with cristin smith of saffron & sage

The New Year is upon us and this is the time to identify our dreams and desires. Identifying our desires is the first step in the art of Manifestation. This Sunday we will come together to construct a framework for embracing our deepest desires through strategic planning and fear setting techniques. That's right - forget about goal setting! We all experience moments of resistance when working towards a goal. That resistance is actually an indicator of how to move towards our desired outcome. This experiential workshop will give you the tools to structure your year in a way that makes way for authentic alignment and intuitive integration to occur naturally. Join Cristin Smith, Founder of Saffron & Sage, as she leads you through the Art of Manifestation!

2555 State Street, San Diego, CA 92101

FEB 5 | 9AM - 11AM

Living your truth in 2019

With Jamie Hunt of Calm in the chaos

This year we are letting go of expectations, definitions, and labels and replacing it with your individual truth. Whether you want to focus on your physical health (diet/exercise/etc), your mental health, your career, your relationships, your creativity, or other passions, this is your year. In this workshop we will work through a couple exercises to get you clear on your truth for 2019. Come mingle and meet other ambitious women, while getting inspired for this new year. At the end of this workshop you will: Have a clear vision about what it means to live your truth, learn about actionable takeaways to carry out your vision for the year, and connect with ambitious women and potential accountability partners.

Broadstone Makers Quarter - 1601 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101


FEB 6 | 2PM - 4PM


with Angela Garzon of Create with Gusto

Do you struggle with creating genuine and unique content for your product or service based business? Content Creation workshops by Create with Gusto can help. Props and photo ops will be provided to attendees as well as hands on direction by Angela, founder of Create with Gusto. Attendees will walk away with visual content inspired by the season to promote their businesses and make connections with other local entrepreneurs. Hosted by Stefanie Bales at her gorgeous studio, attendees will have opportunities to style flatlays using props and backdrops, and then go on a walking tour of Little Italy to capture YOU, the face of your Brand. In addition to networking and tons of photos, Stefanie is also offering 10% off every purchase from her shop.

Stefanie Bales Studio - 1504 India St, San Diego, CA 92101

FEB 8 | 8am-10:30am



Don’t we all dream of having Samantha Jones as our publicist, and having her catapult our businesses like she did with Smith Jerrod’s career?! Hiring someone on for PR or outsourcing to an agency would be ideal, but isn’t always realistic depending on the stage of your business. Knowing how to create and foster media partnerships can be the key to getting your brand the exposure it needs to grow! How do you get featured in a magazine? How can you get your product in the hands of the right person? Our panel of experts will let us in on all of their secrets and the best tips to getting the job done ourselves!

The Rose Wine bar - 2219 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

FEB 11 | 6:30PM - 8:30PM


WITH ASHLEY SPEDALE OF Brand Illumination Academy

One of our most casual events of the challenge, join us to create your vision board for 2019 led by Personal Brand Coach & Brunch with the Universe Podcast Host, Ashley Spedale! An evening of pure intention and goal setting while creating the visual reminder of how you are going to OWN 2019! We’ll have everything you need to create your board - but if there is something you want specifically, feel free to bring it with you!

Location - In the Works

FEB 12 | 9AM - 11AM


With kelly Duford of Duford law

As an entrepreneur or even if you are just getting started, the first thing we think about is, “What do I need a contract for and what should be in that contract?” Contracts keep us protected through different stages or relationships we build in our business. Kelly DuFord, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of DuFord Law, is the entrepreneur’s go to for all your businesses needs from the getting started stage through every chapter as your business grows. Kelly will be taking you through what you should have a contract for, what to include in your contract and will even be reviewing contracts for those of you that need some feedback!

DUFORD LAW - 3611 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

FEB 18 | 10AM - 11AM

Brand Clarity Workshop

with Olivia Sylvestro of Current design studio

This 60 minute brand clarity workshop with help you turn your vision into a business. With action items, a workbook and time for questions and answers, during this interactive workshop we'll go over identifying your ideal client/niche, building your brand foundation, define/price your services and tactics on how to grow your clientele. 

Location - Virtual

FEB 17 | 830AM - 10aM


WITH Keara McCullough of babes who sweat

The workout will be bodyweight circuit training with modifications for all fitness levels.

All you need to bring is some water, a towel, and your #sweatbestie! See you there!

Crown Point - exact location will be sent

FEB 19 | 8:30AM - 10:30AM

SELLING WITh Confidence

WITH JESSICA MARX of Heart & Hustle Co

Many people have misconceptions about sales and so they work themselves into the ground trying to avoid it. It's considered to be the number one area Entrepreneurs avoid because they simply don't feel comfortable. However, no business can survive without a steady stream of customers. In this workshop, Jessica Marx of The Heart and Hustle Company will not only give you the necessary tools to better sell your product or services, she will give you an undoubtable level of confidence to go with it! This will be an interactive workshop so you can practice what you learn before going after growing your 2019 sales!

Broadstone Makers Quarter - 1601 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101


FEB 20 | 6:30PM - 9PM



Vagina, Vag, Va-jay-jay, hoohah, muff - whatever you might call her, she’s yours and are you taking care of her like you should be? How much do you know about what goes on “down there?” We’re sick of it being a taboo subject, so we’re opening up the conversation! Join us for an evening ALL ABOUT YOUR LADY PARTS on Wednesday, February 20th from 6:30-9PM. Vienna Farlow, The CUNTsultant, and Lauren Mallari-Snyder of Thrive Physical Therapy San Diego, will be chatting with us how to keep your down-there-bff happy and healthy. Then we’ll be opening to the floor to your questions! You’ll be loaded with information, a glass of vino (or 2), a loaded goodie bag, and some fun pop-ups to shop!

Location - In the Works

FEB 22 | 9AM - 11AM


With Chanel Sonego

Do you find yourself torn between how much to share about yourself on your business account? How much is too personal or do your followers even care? The short answer - THEY DO! People want to know what happens behind the scenes and who the face, or faces, are behind the brand. Chanel Sonego, digital marketing strategist and consultant, will be talking about what ‘Humanizing Your Brand’ means and why it is imperative to growing your business and a dedicated & engaged following!

Location - In the Works