Dames Collective Business + Wellness Challenge


at the beginning of every new year…

We find something to focus on improving; Maybe you want to make personal improvements like eating healthier, making your 6am workout 5 days a week or maybe just taking that collagen powder every day instead of when you remember to. Is your focus primarily on your business? Are you trying to increase your sales, and add more clients or are you simply trying to get your social media calendar in check? 

As entrepreneurs, we tend to focus on one more than the other causing us to completely neglect our personal health if we are focusing on our business, and vice versa. That needs to end! This is our opportunity to start a new year by making sure that we are balanced in all aspects of our life. By taking the OWN2019 Challenge, you have the chance to develop healthy habits for yourself and your business as you venture into 2019 and set yourself up for success in the years that follow.


Let’s take this year’s resolutions one step further and completely
OWN 2019!


12 Events | 21 days

own your personal and business goals in 2019!

FEB 6 | 2pm-4pm


Content Creation Workshop
With Angela garzon
+ steFanie bales


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