Shana Loggins | DET Member Spotlight


Shana Loggins

Dames Collective Chapter: Detroit

Owner of

Equanimity Tribe

1. What is the name of your business and can you tell us a little bit more about it?

Equanimity Tribe is a community that exists to make wellness accessible, inspirational, and digestible. We believe feeling your best is a way of thinking, living, and showing up for yourself in both body and mind. We don’t take drugs to achieve this state of being; people of any age can achieve it through good food to nourish the mind and yoga to rejuvenate the body.

With support from my personal blogs, weekly newsletters, yoga coaching programs, online nutrition coaching, and a global community — our mission is to help you live whole, eat well, and feel amazing both physically and emotionally. Living a fun and healthy lifestyle is our jam.

2. What has been your biggest win as an entrepreneur thus far? 

Finding the confidence to just do it! 


3. Where do you find daily motivation and inspiration? 

I find my daily motivation through books, blogs, podcasts and continued education through yoga programs.

4. What is the best piece of advice you have received and who was it from? 

Honestly, i received my advice from my yoga instructor two years ago. She stated you have to start somewhere and no matter where you start there will be many failures; however, with failures comes success.

5. What is your morning routine?

Journal, meal prep my meals for the day, put on my makeup and go to work.


6. Favorite podcast? 

Party in my Plants

7. Something that most people wouldn’t know about you:

I'm introverted.

8. If you could go back to when you started your company what would you say to yourself? 

Take the risks and challenges head on and don't give up on yourself.

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T: P:586-804-2764