Samantha Schmuck of Revived Living

Samantha Schmuck

"There are extra towels in the linen closet, here is a water bottle to use while you stay, and if you need anything at all, let us know!" After we got Samantha settled into our guest bedroom on a warm night in September, my fiancé asked me..."How did you and Samantha meet again?"

It took me a while to remember exactly how we met, and then it hit me, and before thinking I blurted out, "We met on Instagram!". My fiancé laughed out loud and said "oh, great!"; to anyone else it would seem crazy to invite someone you met on Instagram to stay with you for the weekend, but we didn't even think twice. Not only is Samantha not a murderer, but she is an all around incredible human being who has done and is doing remarkable things that deserve to be shared. 

Samantha was in town for the weekend because she had two tickets to a 4-day Brendon Burchard High Performance Academy Conference, and I was the lucky friend she chose to take with her. Samantha and I found each other on Instagram over two years ago now, and we became instant friends. We met at a coffee shop and told each other our stories and discussed how we could collaborate between Revived Living and Virago. She ended up moving just down the street from me and for about a year we spent every Thursday morning walking to the coffee stand and talking about our businesses. Samantha and her boyfriend just moved to Denver, and even now we speak every Thursday morning over the phone to hold each other accountable and make sure we are both "bringing the joy" and "honoring the struggle" in our lives. 

As a former competitive gymnast turned health coach and business owner, Samantha has experienced some overwhelming struggles in her life. However, she was able to take those struggles, learn from them, and create a business that allows her to assist others who may be struggling with the same issues. During her stay at my house, I was able to ask her a few questions about her journey. 

Q & A with Samantha Schmuck


Q | 1: Can you briefly explain the monumental moment/incident in your life that inspired you to start Revived Living?

For me it happened about 10 years prior to starting Revived Living. I was a competitive gymnast and began having an increasing amount of joint inflammation - before I knew it every major joint was inflamed. It made training 20 hours a week impossible and the thought of completing another year incomprehensible. I tried to understand what was happening to me through western medicine to which they could not find a reason for why my body was in so much pain. After exhausting their resources, I turned down the path of alternative remedies and eastern philosophies to get to the root cause.

It was a long journey, with many turns, ups, and downs, but ultimately this moment is what led me to create Revived Living many years later. I never wanted anyone else to experience what I did, especially if it was preventable through specific diet and lifestyle choices.


Q | 2: What prior experience or skills did you bring to the table when starting Revived Living, and how do you feel it has helped you succeed?

I was very young when I started the company so I would predominantly say grit! Before RL launched, I had experienced some really difficult times, mentally, and it helped me learn how to feel deep emotions that would not only help me to connect better with my clients, but also be able to bounce back if things were not going quite the way I would have liked them to. Starting a business comes with lots of unexpected surprises and having the adaptability and strength to bounce back is really important.

I had also just graduated with my bachelor’s of science in Health Coaching, which fueled me with a deeper knowing of the body and how imbalance is caused, as well as about 5 years playing and experimenting with essential oils. This combo not only launched my lifestyle coaching business, but soon my bath and body product line as well.



Q | 3: What is the meaning behind the name "Revived Living"?

At times we can get into a rut and not be able to see a better possibility for ourselves. This could be career, body image, relationships, etc. I want everyone to know that any area of their life can be revived, that new life can be breathed into it, and they can have a new experience of their self, as well as the world around them at any time once they make the decision to.

I started off purely health coaching working with nutrition and exercise components, but I knew I wanted a name that could scale with me and my interests. Revived Living allows this by having a holistic, whole being, approach.


Q | 4: What would you say is the most rewarding aspect of owning your own business?

I really love the creative freedom that it brings! Being a heart-centered entrepreneur allows my business to be an expression of myself. Especially owning a coaching business, you get to build work around the lifestyle you desire. For instance, I have a wanderlust heart. One thing that was really important to me was not being tied to a brick and mortar shop, but having the flexibility to be anywhere in the world and continue serving my clients.

The other really cool part is you get to assess your client’s needs and dream up out of the box solutions to help them move from where they are to where they want to go. That could look like a retreat halfway around the world, creating a product line, or teaching dance embodiment workshops - the possibilities are endless!

"These are self-care products for others, but the act of making them is also self-care for me. I try to always remind myself of that and the intention for creating this product line in the first place." - Schmuck


Q | 5: How do you come up with your products?

It starts off a little selfish. I love to place myself in my client’s perspective and dream about what I would love to be experiencing. For me, bath and body products are a full sensory experience. From the way they look in the packaging, to the aroma you smell as soon as the lid cracks open, to the way your body melts away the stress.

I start by thinking if I want a product for something specific like my face, cuticles, etc. or if it is just about creating a dreamy experience to escape the demands of the world for a few moments. Then it is a mixture of science and art to figure out the best combination of ingredients to deliver that experience.


Q | 6: How do you get in the zone when making your products? Do you listen to music? Do you need silence? Do you burn incense?

Gotta set the mood! I love to burn incense, dim the lights, and turn on some music that matches where I am that day. I slowly pull out the different herbs, essential oils, mixing bowls, and my recipe book and allow myself to get lost in the experience of making them. I love to be myself when I am making products and you can usually find me randomly dance if the music is calling my name!

If I find myself getting frustrated in the process or rushing because I have X amount of other things to get done still, that is my sign to step back and slow down. These are self-care products for others, but the act of making them is also self-care for me. I try to always remind myself of that and the intention for creating this product line in the first place.


Q | 7: As creative women, there are times that we all face that awful creative roadblock. What do you do when you face this? How do you spark your creativity?

When I am in a creative roadblock, it usually points to me being disconnected to my joy and being to wrapped up in “life”. When this happens it is important for me to connect back to myself. I love to go for quiet walks in nature, experiment in the kitchen, sing loud and dance silly, or pick up a book that allows me to nerd out on a new topic to spark inspiration.

Q | 8: So far, what is the biggest obstacle you've encountered while starting/running business?

Time! I started Revived Living right out of college and worked many side jobs to support myself while I got the business up and running. It can make it difficult to focus and gain traction in any one area if you have too many ideas that you are wanting to start at the same time. Over the years I have been reminded of the philosophy “slow down to speed up”. I always felt like I was falling behind if I wasn’t getting all my ideas started NOW. However, I have learned that it is important to slow down, focus on one thing, get a clear direction to build that, and all of the other ideas will organically fold themselves into the mix.


Q | 9: What is your favorite product that you sell?

Oh this is hard! I would have to go with my bentonite clay face mask. It has a crushed chamomile flowers and a combination of CPTG essential oils that is both calming and restorative for the skin. Every time I use it I am taken back with the bright floral aroma of the chamomile flowers. It feels like such a treat spreading it on and it is nice and cooling as well. I love to send my friends a jar if they’ve had a stressful time or just want to treat them with some self-care goodness at home.

Q | 10: There are females out there right now scared to make that leap into leaving the security of their job and becoming an entrepreneur to pursue their passion. If you could speak to every one of those ladies, what would you say to them?

It is definitely scary, but I would also say there is nothing more satisfying. To be able to have an idea in your mind and be the one who decides how that gets delivered in the world is truly something. If you have that desire in your heart and know your current day job just isn’t doing it for you anymore I would tell them all to start right now. You don’t have to take the leap and quit your job tomorrow, but you have to start pulling together something tangible.

I am a huge supporter of dreaming, but if you know you are meant to leave your current position it is time to take action on those dreams. That may simply mean writing your idea down and beginning to strategize different ways it could happen, starting a course to learn a needed skill, or developing a prototype in your spare hours. It really comes down to that though, just start, no matter where you are and the next step will make itself known to you.

Find out more about Samantha and Revived Living here.

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