Jolee Pollock | SD Member Spotlight

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Jolee Pollock

Dames Collective Chapter: San Diego

Owner of

Modern Acupuncture

1. What is the name of your business and can you tell us a little bit more about it?

Modern Acupuncture / is a franchise concept transforming the alternative medicine market and acupuncture industry. Offering an approachable, natural pathway, validated by thousands of years of practice to better health and wellbeing, Modern Acupuncture is the first franchise to deliver the natural health and cosmetic benefits of acupuncture in a retreat-like setting in highly accessible neighborhood location.

I also have a nonprofit art outreach called Art Takes a Village - Art Takes a Village is a public charity organization focusing on providing therapeutic art programs in a variety of settings. Our mission is to Provide an art therapy program in areas lacking the ability and or funding. Our program reaches out to at-risk youth and adults by providing them with instructor-led art projects, which allow them to look within themselves in a positive way, as well as gain confidence through learning a creative outlet.

2. What has been your biggest win as an entrepreneur thus far? 

Creating healing experinces and connection within the community.

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3. Where do you find daily motivation and inspiration? 

I have a practice as an artist of journaling and planning ways to connect - this method has opened many amazing oppurtunities for me.

4. What is the best piece of advice you have received and who was it from? 

Anything worth mastering takes practice and mindful connection.

5. What is your morning routine?

I enjoy mornings so much! I love writing my gratitude list while drinking my tea. I am very fond of nature and go for a hike at least 3 times a week. Some of my best problem solving happens amongst the trees!

6. What is your favorite podcast?

The creative superheroes podcast is definitely at the top of my list. I am a bit of a podcast junkie! Super soul conversations and Tim Ferris are also a couple of my favorites.

7. Something that most people wouldn’t know about you:

Im an introvert and was a professional dancer in my twenties. (It was all about FLASH DANCE)

8. If you could go back to when you started your company what would you say to yourself? 

Thinking too far ahead makes almost anything seem impossible -which then leads me to feel anxious. So I learned to write a list each morning of the top 5 tasks that needed my attention and found that nothing was really that hard to work through - and then I started to notice I enjoyed marking these things off my list.

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