Eunice Sun | OC Member Spotlight

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Eunice Sun

Dames Collective Chapter: Orange County

Owner of Electric Eunice

1. What is the name of your business and can you tell us a little bit more about it?

Electric Eunice began as a creative outlet for me as I worked in a marketing corporate role and began to explore my talents in hand lettering and watercolor painting. That led to illustration, teaching workshops, brand collaborations and soon, a watercolor instructional book! Because of my business background, I have a passion for creating for others, branding, and partnerships which goes hand in hand with my design work, workshop teaching and being my crazy self on Instagram. I also have a little online shop with enamel pins and prints by yours truly!

2. What has been your biggest win as an entrepreneur thus far? 

I think my biggest win has been the opportunity to meet so many wonderful and creative people who just like me, are looking for a creative outlet or passion through teaching workshops. It's an honor to be able to share what I've learned with others and I truly thrive when I'm able to be with others. 

3. Where do you find daily motivation and inspiration? 

In my art, I find inspiration in everything - pop culture, nature, daily life, my family and my pup! I love painting everything around me and I always paint what I love, what makes me laugh, and pretty much everything in nature. Many know me for my botanicals and love for house plant painting!

4. What is the best piece of advice you have received and who was it from? 

I have received this same advice from multiple people and it is to focus on your journey, trust yourself and your own knowledge and you WILL be successful. In this day of living a picture perfect life on social media, many of us get caught in vanity metrics, the grass being greener on the other side and losing focus on our own purpose. When this happens, we need to focus back on what will feed our own souls, what we are passionate about and what our individual goals are - that is what will drive you to be a successful anything - artist, entrepreneur, human being, friend, mom, wife and more :)

5. What is your morning routine?

Oh, I am definitely a morning person! I especially love the quietness of the morning and having my coffee (or rather creamer with a splash of coffee) while taking time to myself to prepare for the day. Sometimes I put on make up, sometimes I don't. Some days I put on real pants, and some days I don't! My favorite are the days that I'm able to wake up, enjoy my coffee and paint under the early morning sun that peaks through my blinds. Other mornings my favorite is to spend time with my husband and our senior citizen corgi - likely walking (slowly - our dog is 15 years old!) somewhere to breakfast. 

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6. What is your favorite podcast?

I have several! Second Life with Hillary Kerr, Raising the Bar with Alli and Michael, Creativity School with Grace Chon, and Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellasai! 

7. Something that most people wouldn’t know about you:

I'm an only child! That one might be obvious though, LOL

8. If you could go back to when you started your company what would you say to yourself?

I would've told myself to start earlier - it's never too early and sometimes - NO - most of the time you just need to start, and just figure it out along the way. My dear friends Mel and Liz of the cutest shop, M.Lovewell shared their story with me when opening their shop and that was that they just made sure to take the right next step, one after the other.

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