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Top 3 Coffices (Coffee-Office) in San Diego

I can’t reiterate enough just how important it is to find an inspiring space to feel creative and have the freedom to work - especially when it comes to recording podcasts and planning events for Coffee & Convos, creating content for Where Alyssa Wanders, and working on client projects. In this post, I’ll only be sharing my top 3 favorite places I feel most inspired by to work and create out of even though…

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Lifestyle, AdviceAlyssa Mopia
6 Secrets of Highly Creative Women

Is it me or is entrepreneurship taking on a new shade of creativity these days? While it’s obvious to assume some have more creative genius than others, it seems to really just be a matter of nurturing that side of oneself. Small business owners today are more like visionaries bringing their masterpieces to life in the form of brands, buzz and …

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Advice, LifestyleKerissa Marie