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Alyssa Mateer: Body Positivity

The Most Important Relationship You’ll Ever Have is With Yourself. Loving myself has never come easily to me. If I’m honest, it’s been a long, hard process, and I’m still on the path to self-love. I think it will always be a work in progress for me, and that’s okay. My relationship with myself ebbs and flows, but I’ve learned to be mindful about how I talk to myself because for a long time (and sometimes still), I wasn’t saying very nice things.

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Top 3 Coffices (Coffee-Office) in San Diego

I can’t reiterate enough just how important it is to find an inspiring space to feel creative and have the freedom to work - especially when it comes to recording podcasts and planning events for Coffee & Convos, creating content for Where Alyssa Wanders, and working on client projects. In this post, I’ll only be sharing my top 3 favorite places I feel most inspired by to work and create out of even though…

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Leadership for Modern Female Founders in PHX

We were overwhelmed by the incredible response we received our first ever Morning MindFUEL in Phoenix. Thank you all so much for coming out and making our first Phoenix event such a success. You ladies brought it! Our Main Dames, Becca and Katarina shined as they asked our panel some compelling and inspiring questions...

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Leadership for Modern Female Founders

We were so inspired by the three incredible boss babes on our panel for February's Morning MindFUEL in San Diego - Sarah Panis of Gritty Movement, Annie Winger of BV Accel, and Lindsey Head of J Public Relations. The meeting was recorded by Rora Films and is available for listening below. Here are some snippets from the meeting...

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6 Secrets of Highly Creative Women

Is it me or is entrepreneurship taking on a new shade of creativity these days? While it’s obvious to assume some have more creative genius than others, it seems to really just be a matter of nurturing that side of oneself. Small business owners today are more like visionaries bringing their masterpieces to life in the form of brands, buzz and …

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