Brittany Barnhart | DT Member Spotlight


Brittany Barnhart

Dames Collective Chapter: Detroit

Owner of Just Curious LLC

1. What is the name of your business and can you tell us a little bit more about it?

Just Curious LLC

I provide nutritionists and online coaches who are fed up with the lack of business clarity and growth a strategic approach to their branding (messaging + visuals) so they can build a thriving business.

2. What has been your biggest win as an entrepreneur thus far? 

My biggest win is being able to support myself and be able to meet so many incredible women entrepreneurs.

3. Where do you find daily motivation and inspiration? 

My long term goals are my inspiration - I playfully joke about being the Beyonce of design (I'm a HUGE Beyonce fan and listening to Homecoming as I'm sending this in). Being able to create the life that I want and help other women make an impact is what inspires me.

4. What is the best piece of advice you have received and who was it from? 

"Done, not perfect. Just go, bitch." - my best friend, ha! (I'm a perfectionist and generally keep that from finishing personal projects because I nitpick everything! We were talking about the course I'm building and his response to my complaint about what I made that day was that. It helped me realize that everything is not perfect, and I have to keep moving forward.)

5. What is your morning routine?

- Wash my face

- Fix my hair

- Make a cup of coffee

- Play with my cats

- Sit down at my desk and attack my to-do list :)

6. What is your favorite podcast?


7. Something that most people wouldn’t know about you:

I used to take singing lessons in middle school! And actually won a talent show with a friend, we sang "Tell Me" by P. Diddy & Christina Aguilera. How did we get away with singing that as young teenagers? I have no idea. For the longest time, I was planning my life out after I won American Idol, hahaha.

8. If you could go back to when you started your company what would you say to yourself?

Be confident and don't let anyone's negative comments stop you from being the best.

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