Increase Creativity with Vision/Mood Boards

Whether you call them inspiration boards, mood boards, or vision boards, they all help get the creative juices flowing and help get you inspired. It seems that this year inspiration (AKA "Inspo") boards really took off. Many people start the new year tearing up magazines, finding inspirational quotes + goals as they plaster them all over a board to set the tone for the new year ahead. For me, I see inspo boards as a way to create. Inspo boards are so handy for so many things! Below are the ways I utilize inspo boards in my daily life! 

 1) Set the Tone for the Month

May MOOD.jpg
July MOOD.jpg
August MOOD.jpg

Earlier this year, I decided to play around with creating inspo boards digitally. I began to create an inspo board at the beginning of each month to set the tone for the month to come. This allowed me to get creative with color, outfits, and picture inspo for the month ahead. To create these boards I collected a bunch of pictures from Pinterest and Instagram as well as using some of my own photos and arranged them in a collage.

2) Create New Wall Decor

Wall Collage.JPG

Another fun way to set intentions for the year is to dedicate a full wall to inspo. What better way to strive for goals and stay inspired than to plaster something that motivates you all over your wall. To create this, I screenshotted a bunch of photos and arranged them in my camera roll to see how they looked all together.

3) Design an Party, Event, or Even a Room in your House

Kate + Brandon.jpg
Kate + Brandon(1).jpg

I use inspo boards most at my job with Details Darling. In the event planning world we call them design boards. Whether creating an event, wedding, or lounge set up, it’s super helpful to create a design board to see how all the elements and decor will come together.

Another great purpose for design boards is for redesigning your room, living room or even when throwing a get together with friends. Design boards for decor can be created on Word, Powerpoint or Photoshop.

What I love about creating inspiration boards electronically is that it really is so easy. Pinterest, the internet, and instagram makes it simple to find pictures, quotes, and things that inspire you. Once you create an inspo board online, it is also super simple to bring it to life. For my inspiration wall I took all the photos I wanted printed to Office Depot and they did it quickly and for a great price too!

Just about anyone can create inspiration boards… that is what it is all about. Create something that will inspire, motivate and empower you in the days, months or years ahead, whether your goals are short or long-term. Pin some photos that catch your eye, save some good inspirational quotes on instagram and get creating. Before you know it you’ll be well on your way to creating something inspiring!


Alessandra Tacconelli

Event planner | Details Darling 

Hi, I’m Alessandra! A little bit about me: I am based in San Diego as an event planner with Details Darling, but in my free time I love going to spin classes, creating charcuterie boards (while drinking rosé of course) and on Monday nights you can always find me watching The Bachelor/ The Bachelorette.  

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Alessandra Tacconelli