Top 3 Coffices (Coffee-Office) in San Diego

My Favorite Coffee Shops to Work Out Of

As a freelance social media strategist, content creator, and self-proclaimed coffee enthusiast, it is so important to find a place to work that has great coffee when you don’t want to work from home or don’t have an office space of your own. A “coffice” if you will. I find coffee shops so full of magic and energy when you immediately walk in and smell the freshly ground coffee, see others working just as relentlessly, and people connecting over conversations. Not to mention, how cozy it feels to enjoy a delicious cup of your favorite drink - I’m always reaching for a hot almond milk latte, preferably caramel or lavender flavored.

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With the San Diego coffee scene on the rise, there are so many great coffee shops to work out of! I can’t reiterate enough just how important it is to find an inspiring space to feel creative and have the freedom to work - especially when it comes to recording podcasts and planning events for Coffee & Convos, creating content for Where Alyssa Wanders, and working on client projects. In this post, I’ll only be sharing my top 3 favorite places I feel most inspired by to work and create out of even though there are so many on my list!


WestBean Coffee Roasters

First up, nestled on the corner of Laurel and 5th, is WestBean’s newest location in Banker’s Hill. I love how open and minimal the space is allowing me to not be so overwhelmed with other people and also allowing me to have my own space to work with. I can comfortably spend the whole day here, working on projects and even recording podcasts, and they make you feel incredibly welcome! They also have great food options, so if you are inclined to spend the whole day there, at least you won’t have to go anywhere else to get a great meal! I’m also such a big fan of their salted caramel lattes! They have THE best house-made salted caramel syrup and honestly, it’s embarrassing to admit how much I order those!

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Ultreya Coffee & Tea

This newly opened coffee shop in the College area has quickly won it’s way to my heart! It’s another minimal open space and what I love most is how unique their coffee and drink menu is! Inspired by travel and wanderlust, their menu is created from the experiences and coffee they’ve had from past travels. My favorite? The Coco Nosara - a freshly cracked open coconut with a shot of espresso and mint. Seriously one of the most refreshing coffee drinks I’ve had, AND doubles as a tasty snack after - just ask for a spoon! Plus, they have a sage latte with house-made syrup, kind of perfect if you need to cleanse your energy and a caffeine boost at the same time! I love this space, how much room there is, and the fact that it inspires me to wander a lot more, fitting for my personal blog Where Alyssa Wanders!

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MeKa Coffee

MeKa Coffee is a coffee cart you can rent for special events and occasions, but they also have a residency over at Andaz Hotel in Downtown. When you first walk in, you can order a latte and take it to the rooftop and just enjoy the scenery and your tasty drink. This is my little life hack when I want to just have a chill work day where I only need to answer a few emails, want to be outside, and enjoy the skyline view of San Diego to just fully be present!

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I know this one isn’t a traditional “coffee shop” but it’s truly a gem! And I’m so excited because I’m working with MeKa Coffee and Sandbox Venue to host Coffee & Convos’ second annual Unfiltered SD! This is where filtered coffee meets unfiltered conversations and connections! We’ll be bringing in local artists, music, and of course coffee shops and treats all in one space for a special day of celebrating one another! Come to connect, caffeinate, and create! If anyone from Dames is interested in attending, use the code ‘DAMES’ for a special discount!

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Alyssa Mopia is a Social Media Strategist and Content Creator helping clients share their voice and bring their vision for their brand to life in the digital space. She also runs a community-based platform called Coffee & Convos that is crafted to inspire those to connect, caffeinate, and create which has turned into a podcast highlighting creators, artists, and entrepreneurs all while having a cup of coffee. She also documents her travels and her entrepreneurial journey on her personal blog, Where Alyssa Wanders.

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