6 Secrets of Highly Creative Women

Is it me or is entrepreneurship taking on a new shade of creativity these days? While it’s obvious to assume some have more creative genius than others, it seems to really just be a matter of nurturing that side of oneself. Small business owners today are more like visionaries bringing their masterpieces to life in the form of brands, buzz and business opportunities. Not only are they creative, they’re innovative, and I for one find it refreshing as hell.

So what are some of the key secrets of highly successful, highly creative women into today's workforce? I asked some of my business savvy girlfriends and got the deets on their journey:


1. Follow your fascinations

Pursuing your fascinations only leads to great things. Either you find something you’re good at, find a hobby or you find yourself moving onto the next thing; you can never go wrong with following your curiosity. “It’s amazing when you discover who you are while creating something you enjoy.”


2. Creative cycles

Inspiration is everywhere but sometimes it takes a while to find it. First, it’s important to recognize when you’re in a creative funk, then you can make moves to do something about it. Here are a few things to consider when you're trying to rev up your creative engine: Embrace the struggle, find new surroundings, surf Pinterest, keep a list of your favorite blogs, skim through magazines, whip the scissors and glue stick to make an old-school vision board, listen to a podcast, whatever floats your boat; figure out what drives inspiration and do that.


3. Commit to Self-development

Self-development is all about improving and challenging yourself as often as possible. This could come in the form of spirituality, philanthropy, motivation, self-love, overcoming fears or leveling up your skills. Become a lifelong student because progression (not perfection) is what creates happiness.


4. Consult with Guides

Give it up to the ladies who have paved the way, that've been in the trenches and are now willing to offer up their valuable knowledge. One of the most valuable, time-saving things you can do is learn from those that have been in places you want to go. We’re all capable of transcending our ambition but sometimes we hit a snag. The good news is when we look to others for guidance, support, and education we set ourselves up to be one of the ones who “made it” rather than the ones who just hoped to. Take action now; whether you're simply following a blog, buying an e-course or joining a networking group like Dames Collective, you can never go wrong by investing in yourself. 

5. Surround Yourself with Encouragement

Know who to talk to, and when to talk to them. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, surround yourself with like-minded, ambitious people that will bring the best out in you. For example, if your sister isn’t the biggest fan of you quitting your job to start a bubble bath company, call someone else for their opinions on your new company logo. We all look for approval and advice from our closest friends and family, but sometimes it’s not always there. Get comfortable with the idea of talking to others that will boost your confidence instead of making you question your ambition.

Places to find these people:


6. Push Past Rejections and Roadblocks 

It happens to the best of us, down and out and full of questions. Let’s face it, Beyonce wasn’t built in a day so don’t expect any different for yourself. Take a step back and look at the big picture, wrap your head around the so-called “failure” and try again. Your biggest NO can be the best thing to ever happen. When it becomes too challenging, turn up the volume on some motivational speakers, try: Tony Robbins, Les Brown and Mel Robbins-these people know how to light a fire! Find what best suits you and what you need to get you back in the game.


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