Setting Intentions for Yourself and Your Business in 2018

Thank you so much to those of you who joined us for our December Morning MindFUEL held at Saffron & Sage last Wednesday. We took a different approach with this meeting, and focused on setting intentions for ourselves in order to make major positive changes with our businesses in the new year. Instead of our normal panel style meeting, we all gathered in a half circle on yoga mats in S&S's inviting yoga studio. We had two incredible key note speakers who shared not only their personal stories, but also their expertise in intention and goal setting. In case you missed it, here is a recap of what we shared and discussed at our meeting.

All Photos by Meg Marie Photography

All Photos by Meg Marie Photography


Cristin Smith - Founder of Saffron & Sage

After years of community work and running her own agency (as a producer, manager and V.P. of Sales) she relocated to Tijuana for a six-month sabbatical. A health crisis emerged during that time leading Cristin to seek out holistic health care practitioners, non-toxic products, therapeutic practices and healing places. This grew into the social enterprise she runs today, Saffron & Sage.

Cristin shared with us an amazing standing winter meditation that can be done anytime anywhere.





W I N T E R   M E D I T A T I O N

In Winter we are invited to explore the way of the Warrior as we display respect for ourselves and others, we embrace willingness to look again, to be open and accepting of who we are and where we are at, of who our neighbor is and where they are at. 

1.    Stand up tall

2.    Ground feet hip distance apart

3.    Draw your shoulders back and allow your arms to drop along your side

4.    Keeping your eyes open find a fixed point in front of you to focus on

5.    As you drop into your body take note of what it feels like to stand tall. In this posture we want to connect more deeply with what it feels like to stand up for yourself and stand on your own two feet. It's here we want to access our presence and personal power. 

6.    As you continue to breathe take a minute to check in and contemplate ways in which you are being invited to be more present to yourself. How are you being invited to embrace your personal power in this coming season, this new lunar cycle and this new year?

CHALLENGE : Embrace your personal power without strife or toil and without holding back or hiding. 



D I S C O U N T S  /  P R O M O T I O N S

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Melissa Fino - Life Coach & Founder of Love Your Life Community

Melissa Fino is the founder of Love Your Life Community and is a life coach that is passionate about life and helping others! She works with women by assisting them in creating a personal development plan that is directed at creating the life of their dreams. A life that seems out of reach but is attainable! Her only goal is to empower women to let go of all of the shit that is holding them back and motivate them towards their dreams! 

Melissa offered us a new way of thinking about our goals. Instead of telling us how to set goals, she asked us some deep and reflective questions to make us understand how we feel about goals. And it is from this understanding, she said, that will help us set positive intentions and achieve them in 2018. 

"It was lovely to be in a room with so many motivated women who inspire each other to be greater. It is the company we keep that determines the life we live." - Melissa Fino

For more information, check out Melissa's latest blog post based on the content she shared with us at the meeting. GOOD BYE GOALS. HELLO 2018 INTENTIONS


G O A L   Q U E S T I O N A I R R E

1.    How do goals make you feel?
Do you feel wonderful when you accomplish them? Do you loathe them? Do they empower your? Energize you?

2.    What were some goals that you had set for 2017?
Did you accomplish them?

3.    What are some goals you have been thinking about for 2018?
Write down 2 or 3. 

4.    Have some of these goals rolled over from the previous year?
Why do you think that is?

5.    When you have achieved your specific goals, how are you expecting to feel? 
Financially secure, powerful, loved, cared for?


D I S C O U N T S  /  P R O M O T I O N S

Melissa Fino has extended several generous discounts and promotions to all Dames Collective members. Please check your email to receive these discounts. 

M U S T   R E A D S 


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